Progressive Shocks  For Sale


Contact me for the length you are looking for and any customizations.  I've sold this length in me ebay store.

(503) 793-3398


All shocks sent as seen in picture-not in original box.


$280.00Progressive Gas Shocks Vintage MX AHRMA 12.5" 

Fits Vintage Maico CZ Bultaco Suzuki TM Husqvarna VMX



NEW! Progressive 12.5" center eye to center eye Vintage Mx shocks. Never mounted. Comes complete with H.D. springs for the 190lb.up rider. Fits any twin shock Mx or trials bike in need of the 12.5" shocks. They are 12 series gas charged shocks. Six stage auto dampaning with anti-topping function. Double wall constuction. Comes with multiple size collars to fit most shock mounting bolts. 5 preload spring adjustments. I will ship Worldwide. No returns. Also has a offset bottom to keep the base away from the chain.

USA shipping only:  $16.95


Progressive Gas Shocks 13.5 Husky CZ TM Maico AHRMA  



USA shipping only:  $16.95






  Gas Shocks Progressive 15.75" TT 500 RM AHRMA Husky VMX EVO Husqvarna Maico



Progressive Gas Shocks Series 13.  15.75"  Center eye to center eye. I will need to know what size you want?  Comes complete with springs. Standard springs up to 200lbs rider. I can also get over 200lbs springs. Great for that Vintage Race Bike!   Not sent in original box!!

Takes about 7-10 days to ship. Depends on what springs you want.


Will be shipped without springs installed. Ask questions.


Progressive Gas Shocks 17.5" Elsinore Husky Evo AHRMA 




New set of Progressive gas shocks. Comes with the standard springs for riders up to 200lbs. They work great on any Evo bike in need of 17.5" eye to eye shocks. Also comes with the collars and tool. New never used. I will ship Worldwide. No returns.


USA shipping only:  $16.95



12.5" Progressive Shocks VMX AHRMA Trials TM MX RL CZ

New Progressive 12.5" Shocks. These shocks will work on most Vintage Mx, Vintage Trials, etc motorcycle. Comes complete with different size collars and springs. I offer a under 200 lbs. spring and a over 200 lbs. spring. The body is black finish with a chrome spring. Fade-resistant multi-stage damping. Double wall construction with oil- heat- treated hard chrome shafts. I also offer 13" shocks in the same style. You will need to call for availability. Want them now call?  VRM Racing 503-793-3398.

USA shipping only: $16.95